Making SpaceNorth a Reality

We're going out into our business community and having conversations about Minnesota as SpaceNorth. We hope to develop strategic partners that can be on board with our SpaceNorth mission as a benefit to the Minnesota business landscape and the people who live and work here.


Supporting Anoka County Composite Squadron Cadet Programs 

We're please to support the innovative programming at the Anoka County Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol. This vibrant, growing squadron is growing so fast, they are outgrowing their current space. As Starbird supports aerospace and STEM with youth, we want to support the needs of an organization that has our values.

Some of our first goals to help them include: 

  • Acquiring and donating computers to create a computer lab for CyberPatriot and StellarXplorers teams to practice and compete. These computers will also be used for cadets to advance their leadership training
  • Acquiring and donating updated projectors for each room large enough to effectively utilize one
  • Acquiring and donating classroom chairs so each cadet in the program has a chair for class.
  • Supporting future building space needs


We plan to host or collaborate with other organizations in Minnesota to host aerospace and STEM activities and events. In our mission to build a technically curious workforce, we want to engage Minnesota youth in interactive and fun aerospace and STEM activities and events.

Be on the lookout for our special event, The Amazing Space Race! This event has teams of two solving STEM and aerospace related obstacles in a competition format.  Target launch: Spring 2019


Aerospace and STEM Scholarships

We support youth pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), aerospace and aviation.
And our STEM bucket is broad and deep.

Going to a 4-year college program? Great!
Doing a 2-year community college or technical school program? Super!
Civil Air Patrol Cadet headed to a STEM related NCSA? Rock on! Looking at a career or enrichment in aerospace and/or aviation? Go for it!

All of these are eligible for our scholarship programs. As we build our scholarship fund, we'll announce when applications for scholarships via our email list.