What a great day in history. Think about the sheer determination and work that had to happen to land a man on the moon. In less than a decade, we managed to land a man on the moon.

In 1969.

There are whole generations of Americans that weren’t able to witness this feat as it happened. But what a difference that action made! The innovation that it brought to everyday life was the foundation of a lot of our everyday technology today.

Starbird salutes not only our astronaut corps, but the women and men behind the scenes who had a role in transforming our understanding of space, physics and all the other sciences. Engineers, computer programmers, mathematicians (who used’ slide rules – not computers!), medical personnel, and more.

As those women and men approach retirement age, we’ll have a profound gap in our workforce. Starbird is driving the bus to share the message that STEM is the new cool. Even more – we need more people in STEM fields. Join the Starbird bandwagon. Stay updated with resources and news.