2020 is the 5th year of the #DressForSTEM movement on Pi Day 3.14 (March 14).

It began solely within the female broadcast meteorology community, but it expanded to include any females working in STEM careers. The goal of the movement is to inspire young women to pursue higher education in STEM fields and also to bring awareness to the need for more women in those careers.

Women make up only 24% of the STEM workforce in the United States according to the US Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration.

While we still need more women in STEM careers, we need more young people committed to STEM careers to meet workforce needs.

According to the Smithsonian Science Education Center, the number of STEM jobs have doubled as a proportion of all jobs since the industrial revolution.

Here’s a fast fact from last month’s National Engineers Week to illustrate why we need more young people to go after STEM careers.

Here are Starbird, we support both women and men in aerospace and STEM careers and strive to inspire teens in those areas of career exploration.

In Minnesota, it will be easy to sport the purple! Break it out on March 14!