Celebrating Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary led to the exciting announcement of the Artemis mission.

Artemis Generation

Just like Apollo’s mission inspired a generation to be curious for all mankind, we already find that the Artemis Generation has a label. When I visited NASA Johnson Space Center in 2018, before we even know about Artemis, our VIP tour group composed of StellarXplorers team directors viewed some of the capsules and materials in evaluation.

Our guide shared that today’s high school juniors would be mission commanders and today’s middle school students would be astronauts on their way to Mars. The Artemis mission is that first step.

Today’s high school and middle school students are in the vanguard of the Artemis Generation. Every career role is needed, but particularly those in science, technology, engineering and math.

Be a part of it. Be curious. Try new things. Develop new skills. Ask questions.

Find your genius zone. Apply yourself. Make a difference.