Starbird Association

Who We Are


Advocate for SpaceNorth

SpaceX. NASA. Blue Origin - We want your offices here. We're going out into our business community and having conversations about Minnesota as SpaceNorth. We hope to develop strategic partners that can be on board with our SpaceNorth mission as a benefit to the Minnesota business landscape and the people who live and work here.

Aerospace & STEM Events

We plan to host or collaborate with other organizations in Minnesota to host aerospace and STEM activities and events. In our mission to build a technically curious workforce, we want to engage Minnesota youth in interactive and fun aerospace and STEM activities and events.

Supporting Anoka County Composite Squadron Cadet Programs

We support the innovative youth leadership programming at the Anoka County Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol. As Starbird supports aerospace and STEM with youth, we want to support the needs of an organization that shares our goals.

In the Media

2019 Events

Jan 20 SpaceFest at The Bell Museum

April 10-14 President Mary Albright attends the Space Symposium and the StellarXplorers National Finals in Colorado

Weekend of May 4-5 - Spring Presentation and Event in the Twin Cities

July 20 - Lunar Shindig - Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Watch the cadets of the Anoka County Composite Squadron launch rockets.
Take your photo in our Moon photo booth. Munch on Moon Oreos. 
9am-11am at the Centennial Elementary West Field - Blaine, MN

Aug 22 - STEM Day at the MN State Fair

Fall 2019 - The Amazing Space Race


NASASocial SpaceX CRS-17: What’s On Board Mission Briefing

After arriving onsite, we were taken into a media building for the "What's On Board" mission briefing for SpaceX CRS-17. This mission briefing is televised on NASA TV.  Our #NASASocial group were the media members of the audience. We were given a short overview of all...

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NASASocial Part 1: SpaceX CRS-17

I had an amazing experience at the #NASASocial for SpaceX CRS-17 on April 29. As one of a small group of social media users and influencers invited to this event, I was able to attend the "What's On Board?" mission briefing, have a private tour of NASA Kennedy Space...

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It’s RoboWeek

It's RoboWeek, or National Robotics Week. Why RoboWeek? What's the point? Celebrate the U.S. as a leader in robotics technology development Educate the public about how robotics technology impacts society, both now and in the future Advocate for increased funding for...

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